Cool Pool and Spa provides its customers with dependable, high quality renovation services.

Tile work
We offer many different tiles to choose from that are all frost-proof. Cool Pool and Spa invests a great deal of time in the planning stage to guarantee a uniform, balanced look.

This service involves the repair of loose stones, the installation of new coping stone or brick, and replacement of expansion joists.

Cool Pool and Spa provides a plaster finish to surfaces that outlasts paint finishes threefold. We offer white and colored plaster, Diamond Brite and River Rok exposed aggregate pool finishes.

We can provide new magnesium trowled concrete, stone, Kool Deck, or stamped concrete decking.

We can replace faded, torn, or old liners.

We also provide add-on services such as: adding a skimmer, return of a pool cleaner line, attaching waterfall, and moving a filtration system.

Change the depth or size of your existing pool or add a spa.

Cool Pool offers a wide array of products for your in-ground pool needs. We provide warranty service and repairs on all products we sell and install. Below is a list of some of the products we offer. Please contact us for brochures or visit the manufacturer’s website for more details.

Pool Equipment & Installation
Sta-Rite Heaters offers the latest technological advances–like rustproof exterior, smart electronics and increased energy efficiency.
Sta-Rite Pumps offers innovative hydraulic design, which moves more water using less energy. Sta-Rite Filters offers filter technology that virtually eliminates maintenance.

Safety Covers
Merlin Mesh Covers offer the highest abrasion resistance, highest tear strength, highest burst strength and highest sunlight shading for reduced algae growth.
Merlin’s “tension-secure” Solid Cover combines safety with the complete barrier a vinyl cover provides. This water-resistant solid cover keeps out dirt, dust and sunlight.

Automatic Safety Pool Covers
Automatic safety pool covers offer safety and are quick and easy to open/close. Saves money on chemicals, energy and water loss from evaporation.

Heat Pumps
AeroTemp is a micro-computer controlled heat pump designed to transform free heat from the outdoor into precious pool warmth. AeroTemp pool heaters are efficient, reliable and economical. AeroTemp heaters can save you as much as 80% on operating costs when compared to other heating methods.

We offer a wide variety of liner choices–all custom designed and manufactured, 100% Virgin Vinyl, treated for UV protection and conditioned with antibacterial agents. Visit the manufacturers’ websites to view the many patters offered.

Emerald Spa line features dependable, ergonomically designed spas with advanced hydrotherapy.

Salt Chlorine Generators
Autopilot is a soft water purification system. It utilizes salt to keep your water purified and naturally balanced at the same time. This product eliminates the need to “shock” the pool.

Automatic Pool Controls
Jandy’s automatic pool control system puts control of your whole backyard at your fingertips. With a variety of features, from multiple control panels and spa side remotes, from the telephone to even your PC, you can control your pool, spa and backyard amenities from anywhere.

Automatic Pool Cleaners
Rayvac’s sleek, efficient design and powerful venturi-action captures dirt, leaves and other floating debris.
Polaris offers a variety of pool cleaners including the Polaris 380–designed with the most advanced technology. It is fast, powerful, and durable and leaves your pool sparkling clean.


Nature2 Puifiers
The Nature2 purification system is designed to disinfect pool water and keep pool water pure, clean and odor free. This purification system will dramatically reduce chemicals and maintenance time as well as prevent stinging eyes, dry skin and bleached fabrics.